Option B – 3 Days 2 Night Tour


Day 1:

Take an early morning train from Jakarta to Bogor, we will pick you at train station in Bogor on 9.00 am or directly come to our Bogor Tourist Information Centre  (50 meters) from train station, and if you are in Bogor we can pick you up from the hotel where you stay.

Than we’ll take you to the entrance of The Botanical Garden, you can visit this garden for 1.5 hour, after ward we will pick you back at 10.30 am.

From there we will drive you to the Bogor country side, where you can see many activities of people in the country and the villages.

First  see  how the people making  traditional music instrument of Gamelan or Gong, and also to  wooden puppet maker or Wayang golek at the traditional home industry.

Than we bring you to walk arround the rice fields, vegetable fields and to the plantations of banana, pineaple or bananas, cassava, sweet potatoes, etc, and explain you how the Farmers here grow rice and every things. We serve you the Indonesian foods for lunch at the tradional restorant.

After ward we continue drive to HALIMUN SALAK NATIONAL PARK, we take you to walk into the woods ,when you lucky you can see the animals like monkey,black gibbon,surily and many kinds of birds, than swimming in the beautifull natural waterfalls on the mountains.

In the afternoon, we bring you to stay night at The Bamboo House on the mountain. We provide Free cooking Course to you who are interested in cooking shows Indonesia. When the weather is good we create a small party with a Bonfire.

We have prepared  room for you to sleep, than wake up you in the morning.

Day 2:

After breakfast we take you to the Jungle trakking , walk as long 3 hours trough the beautifull jungle than you will be at an Active Volcano of The Ratu crater. The crater area actually consists of three craters. The Queen crater (the largest), The Paeh crater(death crater), and The Hurip crater (life crater). It’s astounding landscape ,a vast hillside of white rocks, steaming sulphur gasses, bubblng water, steaming mud and the river of sulphur. In terms of active craters in west java.

After finish visiting the volcano, we need 2.5 hours to go back to the parking area.

We serve lunch at the traditional restaurant.

Walking arround the village and to know more about people daily life in the country. Than Stay the night at the same bamboo house for the second night.

Day 3:

In the morning after breakfast we drive you to The Tea plantation at Puncak Pass, we need about 3 hours drive to Puncak Pass, and will be more on the week end because of the traffick jump. We take you walk arround the tea area ,see the Tea Pickers and look at the way making tea at the Tea factory (when they have enough leafs to process).

You will have lunch at The Sate Restaurant,and if you are vegetarian we serve the vegetables foods.

After ward we drive you to Cibodas Botanical Garden, where you can visit the botanical garden on the mountain of Gede Pangrango. The garden was founded in 1852 by the Dutch botanist Johannes Elias Teijsman as a branch of the Bogor Botanical Gardens and its layout was completed under Rudolph Scheffer. The garden was built at a high altitude, approximately 1,300 – 1,425 metres above sea level.

We continue drive to Cianjur and stop at the old bright of Citarum river or the bigest river in west java, where you can see the activities of Fisherman cathing the fish. There also you migh try to drink the Special young Coconut.

Than we drive you to your next destination, to Cianjur city, to Bandung city or to the Train station in Bandung if you like to continue take a night train directly to Jogja.

=======Tour End =======


What have to bring

Camera and swim suit.

Grade of difficulty



  • 2,400,000 IDR per person, minimum 2 person
  • 2,100,000 IDR per person, join the group minimun 4 person.
  • students discont 10% from all the prices
The price includes all the necessities in the tour (car with airco, driver ,english speaking guide, volcano ranger, porter, breakfast lunch dinner, coffee tea mineral water, fruits, snack, accomodation at bamboo house, all of the enterences fee and all of tourist attractions.
Except beer or alcohol.

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